prePRINT is a software that facilitates the printing process for the professional
photographic work and personalization.

  • Create and import image orders
  • Frame images to a format
  • Retouch color levels
  • Add text, layers and borders
  • Card templates and custom
  • Print in JPEG and PDF

The ideal tool to increase productivity in laboratories and centers
of impression.

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Increase the quality of your print jobs without losing productivity

prePRINT is a software for printing professionals that allows the opening of images, the assignment of sizes, the framing, the adjustment of color levels and the export or final printing quickly and intuitively.

Designed for printers

  • Photography stores with printing on sublimation or inkjet equipment.
  • Photographers and professionals who need to frame and retouch.
  • Printing centers and photographic laboratories
  • On-site customization points in shopping centers.

Simple and effective

Its ease of use and simplicity mean a significant time saving for the printer compared to the use of the usual editing tools such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, Lightroom or Illustrator.

  • Joint processing by image groups.
  • Console-like operation of a minilab.
  • Compatible with all types of printers
  • Advanced functionalities for vector printing

Basic and advanced functionalities

prePRINT provides you with a set of functionalities that will allow you to manage most of the work related to photo printing. Available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Operativa básica

  • Import selection of images or entire folder.
  • Apply a predefined size or keep the original size.
  • It allows creating new sizes for extensions, banners, etc.
  • Options to touch up color or add effects, frames and text.
  • Framing options: snap, crop, zoom, rotate, retouch areas.
  • Allows you to save jobs for later editing.

Operativa avanzada

  • Includes pre-defined Photo ID compositions.
  • Lets you create custom editing guides.
  • Compositions with rounded edges and vector layers for direct printing on mobile phone cases, methacrylates, etc.
  • Generation of PDF vector files with special layers of white background, varnish and cut lines.
  • Automatic software update online.
  • Optional connection with online catalog service for composite products with templates.

Powerful and intuitive

Three types of product: photo prints, card layouts, and custom templates

In addition to bringing different pre-defined copy sizes and ID layouts, prePRINT allows the printer to create their own templates. Includes editing guides for personalized gifts such as phone cases, puzzles, etc.

Color retouching tools, effects, frames and texts

It allows you to touch up the color levels of each image, apply a gallery of effects, create frames of any color and thickness and include free text on the images.

Framing images in the print area

Images and paper do not always have the same ratio. prePRINT solves the problem of adjusting the image to the paper or the printing area by offering the options to fit image, fill paper, rotate image and zoom.

Download a trial version

Download a trial version of prePRINT and see how its editing and adjustment functionalities will help you improve your production.

Download prePRINT for Windows 7/8/10 de 32bits

Download prePRINT for Windows 7/8/10 de 64bits


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