multiKIOSK is a multi-channel kiosk for stores and chains that allows to sell photographic printings and personalized products through 6 modes:

  • Selfservice
  • Smartphone
  • Click&Collect
  • Customizable product catalog
  • Product customization editor
  • Automatic flow  of printing.

For consumers to create their orders for photo printing, decoration and personalized products both in store and online.

    omnichanel photo kiosk

    The only photo kiosk with 3 simultaneous sales modes

    multiKIOSK is a kiosk service that allows to sell in the store simultaneously via 3 different modes:  selfservice, smartphone, and click&collect, covering all possible customer profiles and multiplying your sales.

    selfservice photo kiosk

    1. Selfservice

    Install multiKIOSK in any touch screen and turn it into an unattended and friendly sale interface very easy to use:

    • The software can be installed in an unlimited number of screens
    • Download photos from a mobile phone or USB memory connected by cable
    • Promote your store with images and videos when it enters on standby mode
    • Compatible with windows All-in-One equipment or any touch terminal


    smartphone photo kiosk

    2. Smartphone

    Your customers can edit and place orders from their smartphone where more than 80% of the photos are stored.

    • Easy access via link or QR code
    • Your clients access directly with privacy to all the photos of their smartphone
    • Compatible with any device and operating system iOS, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux
    • Unlimited number of concurrent customers making simultaneous orders in a store

    You can try multiKIOSK on your smartphone by focusing with your mobile camera on this QR, or by typing this internet address:

    online photo kiosk

    3. Click & Collect

    Your Kiosk accessible from home so that your clients can access your kiosk and place orders also from outside your store.

    • Your kiosk will be accessible from the internet so your customers can order from home
    • The landing page adapts to your corporate image: name, logo, color and contact information
    • Clients can place their orders from home, but the payment has to be completed in your store

    Personalizable products catalog included

    All the solutions include our starting products catalog, which you by yourself will be able to edit and expand with your own products.

    fotolibro, photobook, album digital


    copias, photo, foto, photolab, revelado digital, photoprint, foto print, photo printing

    Photo prints

    foto calendario, calendario personalizado, photo calendar, custom calendar


    foto lienzo, photo canvas, lienzo personalizado


    taza personalizada, foto taza, photo mug, custom mug


    fundas personalizadas para móvil, custom phone cover

    Phone covers

    puzzle, puzzle personalizado, foto puzzle, photo puzzle


    polaroid, revelado vintage, revelado cuadrado


    foto targeta de felicitacion, targeta de felicitación personalizada, photo greeting card, custom greeting card

    Greeting cards

    foto imanes, imanes personalizados, photo magnets, custom magnets


    camiseta personalizada, custom T-shirt


    cojin personalizado, foto cojin, photo cushion, custom cushion


    fotorevista, revista personalizada

    Photo magazine

    fotolibro anillado, album digital anillado, wired photobook

    Wired Photobook

    targetas de visita, bussines card

    Business card

    Free format

    foto ampliaciones, photo enlargement


    foto collage, photo collage


    foto llavero, llavero personalizado, custom key chain

    Key chains

    foto poster, poster personalizado, photo poster




    diptico, tripticos

    Diptych / Triptych

    adhesivos, adhesivos personalizados


    editor libre de plantillas de productos personalizados, free template editor for personalized products

    Your own exclusive products

    HTML5 personalization editor

    multiKIOSK incorporates the powerful Imaxel’s HTML5 customization editor, which allows the client to personalize the products of your catalog in a simple and intuitive way.

    The editor adapts to the screen size of any device and allows your client to upload photos from a mobile phone, USB memory, or social networks such as Google Photos, Facebook or Instagram.

    Its 8 edition modes allow the creation of a wide range of products with their own properties, measures, prices, design options and printing requirements.

    Test yourself all you’ll be able to do with the 8 editing modes

    Photo Prints

    It allows to sell photo prints of any size, includes frame options and an image editor. Sale by units, ranges and quantities packs.


    To sell prints with special formats, borders and texts. Includes color options for frames and image editing.

    Quick Calendar

    To create simple multi-page calendars. It includes the possibility of offering designs with alternative themes.


    To create simple photobooks. It includes the possibility of offering different sizes and number of pages.

    Poster / Frame

    It allows to sell all kinds of posters, paintings, collages, frames, methacrylates and panels.


    Designed to sell canvases mounted on a frame. Includes possibility of mirror effect.


    It allows to sell both gift (mobile cover, puzzle, cups, cushions, blankets, etc.) and printed products (postcards, calendars, leaflets).

    Free size

    Created for printing pre-designed files of any size. The editor calculates the price according to the chosen material and size.

    Centralized management and configuration

    multiKIOSK organizes the products in a common catalog for the 3 sales modes which is managed from a central control panel.

    All orders generated from any device in all sales modes are received centrally and sent automatically to the chosen printing point. It supports on-site printing in the store, sending it to a central printing center or to an external provider.

    Product, prices and orders management panel

    In the central panel is where categories and products are created and production rules are established (output formats, size, resolution and imposition) for each one of them. Shows sales statistics and allows the general control of the system

    Printing flow on shop

    Each printing center receives its orders through a local application. The files are ready to be printed and arrive in the format and resolution predefined for each product (PDF or JPEG) so are sent to a print queue without require further manipulation.

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