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prePRINT is a software to make easier the process of printing photographic
and personalized work at retailers and professionals.

  • Creates and imports image orders
  • Fit the images to the desired format
  • Retouch color levels
  • Add text, layers and borders
  • Templates for IDs and personalized products
  • Prints on JPEG and PDF format

The perfect tool to increase the productivity in photo labs and printing centers.

Increase the quality of your printing work without losing productivity

prePRINT is a software solution for printing professionals that allows to open images, assign sizes, add frames, correct color levels and export or print the final output in an easy way.

Designed for printing professionals

For printing professionals needing to increase the productivity and the quality of their image framing and retouching process.

  • Photographic business with sublimation or Inkjet printers
  • Professional photographers who need image framing and retouching
  • Printing centers and photo labs
  • In-situ personalization points in mall centers


Easy to use and efficient

So intuitive and easy to use that will save professionals a lot of time when compared with the usual edition tools as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Lightroom or Illustrator.

  • Processing by image batches
  • Similar operative as in a photo minilab console
  • Compatible with all kind of printing machines
  • Advanced features for vector printing


Basic and advanced features

prePRINT provides a toolset to manage almost every work related with photo printing. Already available in english, spanish and portuguese.

Basic features

Imports images selection or a complete folder directory

Converts to a predefined format or keeps original size

Flexible to create new sizes for enlargements, banners, etc.

Effects, color retouch, frames and texts

Framing options (fill, fit, zoom, retouching areas)

Saves undergoing project to continue editing later

Advanced features

Include predefined ID photo compositions

Create edition guides for personalized works

Compositions with rounded borders and vector layers to print over phone covers, methacrylates, etc.

Generation of vector PDF files with special wite or gloss layers and cutting lines

Auto update when new software is available

Optional connection to online catalogue for products with templates

Intuitive and powerful.

Three kind of products available: copies, ID photo compositions and personalized templates

Beside to its predefined copies and ID photo composition sizes, prePRINT allows the professional to create its own templates. It includes edition guides for personalized gifts like phone covers, puzzles, etc.

Tools for color retouching, effects, frames and texts

Allows to correct the color levels of each image, apply an effect form a gallery, create borders of different colors and width and add free text over the images.

Framing images to the printing area

The paper and the images does not always have the same proportions. prePRINT solve the problem of adjusting the image to the paper or printing area by offering options of fit to the area, fill the area, rotate image and zoom.

Download a test version

Download a test version of prePRINT (you won’t be able to save or print images ) and discover how its functionalities will help you to increase your production.

Download prePRINT for Windows 7/8/10 32bits

Download prePRINT for Windows 7/8/10 64bits

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