Printspot Retail for Stores



Printspot Retail for Stores is a comprehensive software solution for sale in photo, print and personalization stores. It offers 2 levels of service.

  • Multikiosk
  • Online
    –  Click&Collect
    –  E-commerce

Printspot Retail configured as Multikiosk fulfills the necessary functionalities for in-store purchasing.


Printspot Retail unifies in a flexible and scalable solution all the services, products and forms of sale that a print business needs. The solution is based on a web platform that offers two levels of service:


Printspot Retail configured as Multikiosk fulfills the necessary functionalities for in-store purchases.

kiosco fotográfico autoservicio

1. Self-Service

Install multikiosk on any touch screen to make it an intuitive and easy-to-use self-service kiosk for your store.

  • Can be installed on as many screens as you like.
  • Download photos from a mobile phone connected by cable or USB memory.
  • Promote the store with images and videos when it enters standby mode.
  • Installable in any touch terminal you already have or Windows All-in-One equipment.


kiosco fotográfico en el móvil

3. From any Device

    • You can create from any Mac, Window, Android or iOS computer.
    • Simply by opening any browser and loading the webapp.
    • There is no installation limit or user limit using the system at the same time.


      After payment, the store operator has a panel to release the order, which is automatically sent to the production flow, which prints directly or sends the files to a network folder.

kiosco fotográfico en el móvil

2. Smartphone

Your customers will be able to edit and order from their mobile phone where more than 80% of the photos are stored.

  • Easy access via link or QR code.
  • Your clients directly and privately access all the photos on their smartphone.
  • Compatible with any device and operating system iOS, Android, Windows, Apple, Linux.
  • Unlimited number of concurrent customers making simultaneous orders in the same store.



Printspot Retail Online includes the functionality of multikiosk and expands the functionalities to allow purchase and payment also from outside the store. Generate a store website with a complete e-commerce system that includes a shopping cart, order form and online payment gateway. 


  • The credit card payment system is added. 
  • Discount promotions are added.
  • Different simultaneous gateways are supported: redsys, paypal and stripe (with the possibility of Apple pay and Google pay).
  • The consumer uses the same link and QR that he previously used in the store to make his purchase, now paying online.
  • It is an online service that loyalty customers, and reduces travel and waiting times.


If the eCommerce option is activated, the functionality of being able to manage home deliveries and make the purchase completely online without having to go in person to the store is also added. The consumer can access the web, make their purchase and receive the order at home.

  • The shipping management system is added.
  • It is possible to set several shipping methods with different costs.
  • Shipping countries and shipping zones within countries can be set.


If click & collect option is activated, the delivery option is only “store pickup”.  The user must subsequently pick up the order once it is completed by the store. 

Prueba Multikiosk

You can try multikiosk using two different options:

Try multikiosk on your smartphone focusing with the
camera from your mobile to this QR code.

Try multikiosk on your desktop computer.

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