P2P API integration setup + yearly fee 100 orders month

This service includes the setup of P2P (Personalization-to-Print) engine through an API plus one year running fee (up to a maximum of 100 orders/month.

2.400,00 / year and a 900,00 sign-up fee



Integration to P2P (Personalization-to-Print) engine through an API


  • The API (Application Programming Interface) with the formal specification on how to connect the merchant software with the Printspot personalization module that gives access to the editors, the rendering system and the production flow.
  • An account in the personalization engine
  • The Production Center application for downloading orders and workflow in the printing center.
  • It does not include the website or the online store that is developed by the merchant


Operating mode:

  • Imaxel delivers a printspot account with direct access to the editors, rendering and production flow and the technical documentation of the REST API for the merchant to do the integration.
  • The merchant can use the REST API or any of the plugins already available for woo / wordpress, prestahop or magento



  • The merchant needs to have his own eCommerce hosted and managed directly by him and a qualified technical team.
  • The merchant has to install in their eCommerce the corresponding plugin of woo / wordpress, prestahop or magento or develop their own using the REST API
  • The merchant can create his own products in the engine. A copy of the standard imaxel products is provided to facilitate creation.

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