proTRANSFER is a web service in the cloud to receive and manage
orders in the printing center from professional photographers, designers or content creators

  • Online web service
  • Customizable
  • Ready to start now
  • Own products
  • Integrable in any web
  • Automated production

Designed for printers that carry large quantities of orders.

preprint printspot

Simplify shipping

Customers more satisfied by the ease of shipping and the convenience of being able to directly see the status of their orders avoiding follow-up calls..

Organize the receptions

Eliminates the complexity of manually searching for orders in standard services. All orders are received in a single central and private system.

Professionalize management

Each shipment is registered in the administration panel and notices of receipt are sent by email. Both the customer and the printer have visibility of the orders received.

Improve productivity

All the orders are sorted automatically in the folders. A production order is printed per order to facilitate the printing and finishing of orders.

Manage the product/service

Manage any type of file (jpeg, raw, pdf, eps, etc.) associated with any type of product or personalized service: photographs, photo albums, books, brochures, prints etc.

Shipments from any device

The web cloud service is developed in HTML5 and it can be used to send from any computer, windows, Mac or Linux and mobile devices as Android, iOS, etc.

What does the proTransfer service include?

✔  Home web page, customizable by the printer.
✔  Multi-platform web front for creating orders and sending files from clients.
✔  Order tracking panel for customers.
✔  Backoffice of product management, customers and orders for the printer.
✔  Order download application “Order Downloader”.
✔  Access to the imaxel call center for telephone and email support.
✔  Hosting, traffic and periodic software updates included in the annual service fee.


Contact with us if you have questions or you need more information about our products.