Integrated solutions for all types of personalization and sale of printed products in photography, photobooks, reprography, decoration, gift and signage.

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Printspot is imaxel’s technological platform, developed for the business of personalized photography, decoration, visual communication and printing.  

Printspot is a multi-channel solution that supports multiple business flows. It offers tools to printers who prepare personalization files, to those who print it for other professionals and to those who sell to consumers in physical stores with the photo kiosk or online stores. It also allows the printer to create white label for merchants who sell to consumers.

Printspot Retail
for Stores

The complete solution for stores that want to take advantage of all types of sales: kiosks, mobile app, desktop application, QR codes and online web.

Printspot retail facilitates in a single solution all the forms of sale that technology allows and with different levels of service: payment in store, payment by credit card, click&collect or home delivery.

Printspot E-commerce
for Websites

The integrable solution for online stores that want to sell customizable products on their website, offer publishers to design them online and an integrated payment and shipping system.

Printspot eCommerce is used as a corporate website, as a subdomain within an existing website and can also be integrated into an existing website through links, plugins or development APIs.

Printspot Business-Commerce
for printers

The solution is to sell printing services to other professionals through private websites.

Printspot B-commerce is a B2B extranet to sell printing services to other professionals. Its private extranet offers different products and prices for each registered client and also includes a public B2C section to sell to unregistered clients.


Personalization with Online Editors

Printspot incorporates an editor by imaxel, which allows for easy and intuitive personalization with online P2P rendering.

The HTML5 editor with responsive design is compatible with any device and allows you to upload photos from a mobile phone or social networks: Google Photos, Facebook or Instagram.

It allows creating templates for all kinds of products and offers an open backoffice so that each printer can create their own designs and offer exclusive products. Integration into client applications via API is also available.



The Printspot retail application unifies all products and possible sales forms in a single system: it can be used from the client’s mobile, installed in self-service kiosks, installed on Windows and Mac computers or accessible via QR code.

The sale does not end in the store, customers can continue using the same application, once out of the store, to continue shopping from their mobile or computer, using card payment and home delivery.


Printspot retail offers reprographic shops a tool to expand the business, selling both traditional and personalized photography products.

Printspot is a web-to-Print for consumers that can be used directly in the store from the mobile or from Windows and Mac computers, and that can also be offered from the web, expanding with the option of card payment and home delivery.


With Printspot retail personalized gift shops allow consumers to choose their product from their mobile, personalize it to their choice and complete the purchase. The store receives the file ready to print avoiding the waste of time and inconvenience associated with preparing the file.

The application acts as an online catalog that shows the products and prices and helps the consumer to see options, personalize their products and complete the purchase.


Printspot retail for chain stores offers remote centralized management of products, prices and promotions. It is possible to configure shared catalogs between stores and establish manufacturing in each store and also centralized for certain products.

There are special sales methods for chains such as the possibility of ordering from home and picking up at any point in the chain.


Printspot eCommerce can be used as a complete e-commerce page with a product catalog, online publishers and a checkout system.

It can also be easily integrated into the client’s website as a subdomain page or integrating the products directly through links. To integrate into other eCommerces there are WordPress, Prestashop or Magento plugins and a development API.


Printers working primarily for professionals use bCommerce to facilitate the ordering process and the management of received orders.

They offer their clients a private area where they can place orders accessing the products, prices and established conditions, offering an agile and professional service. In turn, they have a backoffice where orders are received and where service management is centralized.


Design agencies use Printspot to create websites for their clients with product customization capabilities. To facilitate the process, Imaxel offers integration plugins for e-commerce platforms such as woo / wordpress, prestashop and magneto.

Development teams use the P2P Rest API to integrate HTML5 editors into their online applications, mobile applications, or self-service kiosks.


Printspot software along with printing or finishing equipment becomes a powerful turnkey solution ready for immediate sales and printing service.

Manufacturers like Mitsubishi, Roland, Ricoh, Fujifilm and value-added distributors license our solutions under their brand to offer their clients a complete solution and offer services that their clients need.

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