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We want to help you start your business

Welcome to the Imaxel platform.

We are excited to start working together to increase your custom product sales.

Our platforms are very extensive with multiple configurations and possibilities. Therefore, it is necessary that before starting you do a brief training. In this way, you will understand much better how to get the most out of our platform.

To begin, we invite you to watch the following video summary of the three main services we offer: Services, Printspot and Production Center.




It is the product design template creation and management application. All the templates that you create here, in addition to the ones that we provide you, will be available in your sales front, either this Printspot or a CMS (WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, etc.).

You can access your Services with the link and the credentials that we have provided.

Introductory tutorials to Services


Printspot is your sales front. A complete eCommerce that has the possibility of integration with other web pages. It is your digital exhibitor with clients. It will be your main tool to create products, manage your catalog, customize your page, your discounts, etc …

An open platform to unleash all your creativity and business and innovation ideas.

Introductory tutorials to Prinstpot

If the language of the video is a setback you can activate the subtitles and follow it perfectly.

If the language of the video is a setback you can activate the subtitles and follow it perfectly.

Learn how to publish and organize your products with our Catalog administration guide in Printspot

Easily learn how to place and receive orders with our Guide to do your first order


Production Center

The Production Center program is used to download and manage the files of the orders made from our editors. When the program starts, a menu will appear where we will have to configure a new provider with the data for the download that Imaxel or your service provider has provided.

Download the latest version of the program here

To learn the first steps to configure the program, see the Production Center Guide


Check the tutorials and frequently asked questions on the Help Center. In this section, you will find a lot of information that will help you make the most of the solution you have contracted.

You also have video tutorials in our Youtube channel to learn how to configure products, customize your sales front, etc …

We are at your disposal if we can be of use to solve the specific needs of your business.

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