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Notifications on production and delivery status of orders

This functionality allows changing order statuses and notifying the user about the status of their order. The content of the email is free and multilingual and can be easily configured. Here’s how:

Email Configuration

In the customization/Production and Delivery section, there is a section to configure emails for different Production and Delivery statuses:


For each email, we have these options:

Activate email sending:  Activate or deactivate email sending for the corresponding status.

Edit email content:  Allows adding text content using a text editor:

It’s important to note that the system will always display the details of the specific order after this content.

Send test email:  Allows testing the reception of the email.


Set up e-mail

On the order listing screen, there will be two new drop-downs with the email sending that have been activated on the previous screen:

Once one of the options is selected, a window with the following options is displayed:

Accept and send email: Changes the order to the selected status and sends the email.
Accept: Changes the order to the selected status (does not send the email).
Cancel: No changes.

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